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Blackberry Cell Phones – What You Need To Know

Blackberry Priv Cell Phone Review

The Blackberry Priv cell phone should be considered one of 2016’s best new phones. Anyone who is looking at smart phones will notice this models very precise touchscreen, as well as it’s new keyboard. The new keyboard features look amazing with many features that will keep even the most demanding customers happy. This review may help you make up your mind if you are wondering whether or not to purchase the new Priv. If you want to check out the phone in person for a demo visit a local authorized cell phone dealer for more information.

Long gone are the days where cell phones were merely communication devices; today’s smart phones are much more than a communication device. One of the best features on this smart phone is the media player that let you enjoy audio and videos from your phone any time that you want. This is possible because the Blackberry Media Syn can connect to Windows media or iTunes to access your digital media. You can listen to mp3s with Bluetooth headphones or connect your phone to speakers if you want to share the sound. Connecting wirelessly, the Blackberry Gateway is your ticket to the audio coming directly out of your stereo.

Saskatoon BlackBerry PRIV Dealer ReviewThe latest Blackberry devices, including the Blackberry Priv, come equipped with advanced GPS capabilities to help you navigate, whether you’re driving or walking. Whenever you need to get directions, you just pull up Blackberry Maps and it will show you the best route. You’ll be able to pull up data from the internet in case you need to find the nearest hotel, flower shop, pizza place or whatever you may be looking for. It’s also possible to create your personalized list of locations so you can easily find them later on.

In case you need to give directions to someone else, all you do is email or text them a map. SaskTel also offers something called VZNavigator, which gives you detailed spoken directions, but this is something extra that you must order.

Whether you travel for pleasure or business, Blackberry smart phones are great for those who travel a lot. In addition to all of the useful Blackberry functions, you can download an app called Blackberry Travel which can assist you with your travel plans. You can find hotels whilst traveling, check flights that are available and also discover last minute cancellations as well as some other things. You can also calculate the differences in currencies and take a look at the weather forecast for your next stop. It’s quite convenient to have one app that can manage all of your travel information.

You can’t go too wrong with a Blackberry smart phone, and the Blackberry Priv is a model that’s quite user friendly. Whether or not you’re already a fan of Blackberries, the Blackberry Priv has a lot to recommend it.

Data Security

Online Data Security in Canada

secure backup that is easily accessible and fast

Have you ever lost data and had to pay for a professional data recovery service? If you have then you know the cost of recovery is high and loosing precious data like family photos or your companies accounting files are no small joke.

Nearly 80% of company files are now stored electronically. As the move to digital increases every day there is a growing need for a solution to protect your files. However the problem many individuals and businesses face today is that the growing amount of data on their computers is often reaching hundreds of gigabytes. Some users easily have a terabyte of data on their computer. Now the question becomes, how do you back-up a terabyte of data offsite safely and on a regular basis.

The problem is that most internet connections offer a slow upload speed and high download speed. When you’re trying to backup data offsite using an online backup provider, it is the upload stream on your broadband internet connection that really matters.

Data Security

The American government has recently passed laws making legal for government agencies to have full access to your data stored online with companies such as Google or Microsoft. Privacy of data has become a huge issue and that is many Americans are opting to store their data offsite with a Canadian backup service that is not obligated to release customer information to government agencies.

With a slow upload, you’re going to have problems moving your entire data set offsite and it will be difficult to get a complete incremental backup offsite every day. If you’re going to be backing up large files such as your email PST file that change often you will have the problem of backing up large incremental chucks of those files every day.

To make the process of moving your data offsite you need software that works efficiently at breaking down the files on your computer into smaller chunks that can be easily backed up every day. An efficient file chunking algorithm is the key to successful offsite backups. Software like eazybac needs to be capable of breaking down files as they change each day and backing up only the smallest possible portion of a large file. For example, if you change 32kb of your 5GB PST file you don’t want to be uploading 500MB of incremental backup, the ideal amount would be a small chunk like 64kb.

Efficient online backup software does not need to be expensive, check out the pricing here – this is a great example in which a company could protect all their data for only $12.